…and the silence…

…and the silence signals the beginning.  The beginning of the ending, as it were, even as the ending was always there, hidden, underneath the other layers of misplaced meaning, misunderstood words, mistranslated emotions.

When you know, a gentleness comes, a peace, in the center of a turbulent hurricane of chemical outbursts in your body and mind…you become an observer in a garden of destruction, as the light fades and you listen to the tragedy unfold, while silently humming hymns to yourself in that final hour.

Emotions are like the trees growing out of your mind, into the world around you, unseen by some, observable by others, trimmed and felled by, even still, others, who have no love of trees, especially your trees, and wish only to foster their own trees to be noticed, and nurtured, at the expense of the ones that are slowly being ground down inside your own experience and personal landscape…

…and the silence signals the beginning.  It becomes the background music in your own internal landscape, where trees once reached for the sky, reaching heavenward to express their own individual patterns, abilities, happiness, or sadness.  Now, the silence dominates reactions, where there were trees, there are now only ghosts. The ghosts that only still live in the silent landscape of your mind, to drift away on the silent wind…unless captured by some force of will external to your little internal world of woe and self-defeating dialogue and blame.  If your body crumples down and reaches into that loamy earth where once grew your hopes, your dreams, your possible futures, it may well find that there is still life therein.  There may still be soil worth cultivating new trees, but only if you protect them from the axes of those who would destroy them, and supplant their own in their place…their dominant trees…their great canopies overhead that drown out the light and block access to the heavens, wherein lay the hope for your tiny starving lives underneath.

…and the silence signals the beginning.  The beginning of that process of the death of one life, and the beginning of another, new, different, more richly soiled growth…unless care is not taken…the process is not easy…the process is not simple…the process burns the land and destroys all within it…but renewal comes, if the soil is worked.