Meaning…part 1

Meaning is a word.  Specifically, it’s a noun, and can be used as an adjective.  But you know that.

Meaning is different for each person’s existential journey, if they have enough self awareness…which most beings do, on some level.  Consider your pet.   From where does it get it’s meaning?  Personally, for me, my guess would be that creatures of lesser sentience, like pets, get what we would call meaning, from their immediate environment, and from their biological senses.  Pets probably include us in their existential search for meaning, however limited in scope that may be for a being like a dog, or a cat.  In other words, along with the meaning of life derived from their senses, their relationship with us, is also factored in…most likely no more than it would be, were they pack or pride animals, still.  We are merely parts of their pack, or pride, or what have you, albeit freakishly large, in most cases.

So, meaning, existence, these are traceable down through ever decreasing complexity, from us, through the chain of life, to the least complex.  Biological, anatomical, sensory, chemically.  So, what of it?  Are we no more than introspective biological machines?  Probably so.  Is that bleak?  Do we now stare into the abyss believing all is for nothing?  Living as though absolutely none of our actions matter, in the end?  Well, we can.  We are certainly free to do so.  For in truth, that is the way things are.  This is the world.  Bleak, no?  Yes.

But….enter culture.

Mankind has adapted a tool to combat the bleakness of our biological introspection.  Culture.  We express ourselves, we have religions, music, storytelling, a myriad of beautiful and fantastic ways of understanding the world around us, and interpreting that world.  It is my belief…yes, the word belief is loaded with subtext and baggage, but contextually, for what I’m trying to express, it works.  It is my belief that, though the truth of biological life is bleak, there is meaning, nonetheless, in many diverse ideologies.

….end part one….