prelude to the fall…

by synapticdisunion

In those days, when there were puffy white clouds spread across the blue sky, when the warmth of the summer sun felt intoxicating on the skin, and the fragrance of the grass a very elixir of peace, we should have noticed the darkness coming.

In these days, when the sky is an ever-present grey, and the heat in the air forces us to move back into the ground before midday where the fragrance of the air we breathe in our tunnels is the scent of death, we dream of the past and wonder how it all began.

In those days, we ignored our illness thinking that the better angels of our nature would bring us collectively back to where we needed to be, righting the ship under us and directing us on the right course, but the angels had been overrun, and we didn’t notice.

In these days, the ship has been used as firewood and fallen, fallen has our Babylon become, mariners from the outside watch us as we burn mourning the loss of our wealth and fortitude as we fight among ourselves over how best to live.

In those days, the shorelines were dotted with life and gentle sea breezes wherein we ran, lay, made love, in our happiness, in our blissful ignorance, in our seclusion and in our blindness as the devil, wrapped in a flag, came and sat with us at tea.

In these days, the books are all gone, the burning never ceases, the light falters in our tunnels and we are told who we can love and who we cannot love and we are given a god to worship and all other ideas are unwelcome and the outside walls us up and stays away.

In those days, before the outside world mourned for us, they warned us, they wanted us to join them in their new and prosperous future where people live free to love worship and create in any manner they choose, but we didn’t listen because we thought ourselves better than they….