the inside out, the upside down

by synapticdisunion

Entrances and exits, light and dark, sky and ground… all around us things like this divide and control and subjugate and articulate.  Rat pack fat black mat scrap knack willow tree’d sleep by the waters edge within the starry knight of days gone by and waters under bridges and lethal dosses of life and death and whatever comes from day to day within each waking moment of whatever passes as life.  Out there, beyond the glowing sunlight of a mediocre star, out there, beyond the gravity well of all that we will ever know, there is complete nothingness and emptiness.. and bitter bitter cold.  The vacuum of the empty void.  I am an expression of the cosmos, he said, trying to make sense of all that I see, and all I see is myself, and the cosmos.  Is that where we go when we pass on to whatever lies beyond, which is probably nothingness?  Incredulous I stand and look over the vast chasm of my own failing intellect and sanity, and see the void from whence I came, and see into that where I’m going… what is there but the now, the instant…this perception altering drink and chemical that broaden’s my head-space, to include the all…the everything…the infinite….that which passes from minute to minute as time drones on into the whatever-time, if time is even a thing.  My red kite flows into the stream above my head, hanging there like there’s no gravity, like there’s nothing but everything I think is real, and everything but nothing that I don’t know about.  What am I saying?  Nothing.. I’m saying nothing.  These are just the ramblings of a nothing, a nobody, a no-one, an empty shell with consciousness trying to make sense of what is seen, heard, felt, seen, using music to stream what reality really is, and never knowing whether anything is real at all.  I am exceedingly human.  I am exceedingly real….but I am transient, temporary, I am soil with life…I am not god, nobody is…I am the universe with the ability to look at itself and wonder what the fuck is going on….