The Positivist…

What lives we lead!  What amazing temporary existences full of pain, love, hope, sorrow, happiness, elation, rapture, and depression!  What fullness we should experience.  What luxurious sounds and words and views should we all intake.  Yet, we don’t all get to do this.  We don’t all get to see, hear, love and feel as some do.  We are broken, and yet we live and carry on.  We are fractured, yet we act as if nothing has happened and we wake up, make our coffee, amble off to our workplace…or stand on a corner with cardboard.  What are we?  Why are we?  Who are we?

Receive the fullness of life, if you can.  Experience what you can, love what you can, hear, see, taste and feel all you are able.  If you cannot do something, revel in the things you can.  Focus on those things, listen to your heart and mind, see and hear all that is around you.  Experience and fullness is all there is in life.  Hurt none, never exploit, love all.  This is all there is, there is nothing more, and you aren’t the only one alive who needs to live life.