dispatch from the apocalypse

by synapticdisunion

My last post was so long ago that it’s barely worth mentioning. This world has fallen. We are all fallen. This is not the world we were in when I last wrote. This is new. More terrible, if that’s even possible. We, the planet, have endured a pestilence, that some believe is fake, that some believe is real, that some believe is the end times, that some believe was manufactured. We are living in an age of false information, of fantasy, of end times apocalyptic realities that don’t seem to make sense, and yet are the daily fodder of our lives.

There are two types of people living in this armageddon of our own manufacture. Those who tell us that it isn’t happening, and those who do. This is carnage on a planetary scale, but here in what was the United States, we endured an attempted despot, an attempted coup, and a now a pandemic of those who do not believe in science. The ones who spout false information, are losing the very audience to which they preach. They are killing their own constituency for profit.

Reason is gone. Logic has failed. Death is everywhere. What can we do? In these manufactured end-times, we hide in our homes, stream our shows, hide from the unreal realities, and try to endure our day to day. Meanwhile over 6 million have died from the virus. More will…even as the vaccine is available and free, because they don’t trust it…but that’s ok, the ones who don’t trust it, will be gone, and the rest of us might just survive, even as we ruin the world with heat and fire.

Maybe it’s time this planet was rid of us…